Our Fees

Our fees are paid by the seller and are not more than 6% of the sales price. This figure includes VAT.

We charge a minimum fee of 6,000€ inclusive of VAT

The Sales Process

Our team of Representatives live and work in the Alps, and have carried out hundreds of property valuations, giving us an intimate and unparalleled knowledge of the Alpine property market. Once we have valued your property, one of our team will visit and take a series of details so that we are able to show your property at its best on our website. They will take photographs, electronic floor measurements and acquire all the necessary details with which to write the property description.

We will then be able to present your property online, and send details to those who might be interested from our large database of registered buyers. We will show buyers who are interested around your property on their visit to France and answer any questions that they have. Up until the time sale is complete, you will incur no charge for our services.

If you are considering selling your property with Alpine Property, it may be of interest to you to know a little about the way we operate in France. We pay taxes on our income in France and are officially registered in France as an Estate Agent. We hold the permits, insurance and financial guarantees required in France to carry out this activity. We have no local offices in France preferring to rely on our website and advertising to attract prospective buyers and our network of local Representatives to carry out property visits. We manage our activities from our headquarters in Morzine.

Notaires fees (Stamp Duty) is an additional cost paid by the buyer of the property.