Our Way

1. An office that's always open

You'll find our 'online office' at alpine-property.com open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. No closing down during the offseason for us. What's more, you're always able to drop in and explore every single one of our properties... wherever you happen to be in the world. We've invested heavily in our online offering from day one because we passionately believe it's the best way to get across the widest range of properties to the biggest audience, and to get them on the market as quickly as possible. That's why our website is updated daily. What's more, alpine-property.com offers both buyers and sellers more control during the property buying process. Buyers can log-in for a bespoke selection of properties meeting their requirements to keep tabs on the properties that interest them. The result is a site that we reckon is the best in the business. But perhaps just as important is our ranking on all the major search engines, which makes it easy for buyers to find our properties more quickly. Give us a Google and see for yourself.

2. Some of the nicest people this side of Mont Blanc

Having the most comprehensive online offering in the Alps doesn't mean you'll find us hiding behind our flash website. We know the most important thing when you're buying or selling a house is the relationship with your agent. That's why you'll find those who work for Alpine Property characterised by their honesty and enthusiasm - people who we know will be there for you. In fact, past clients tell us that it's this open, personal touch that really marks us out. What's more, this friendly and sincere advice can be delivered in English, French and Dutch by our multi-lingual team.

3. Doing things by the book

Not all people selling property choose to be accountable for their actions, but then not all people selling property are proper Estate Agents. When you deal with Alpine Property, you're not dealing with a middle man or intermediary. Adhering to the International Property Agents Charter and with our Carte Professionnelle, we choose to follow the highest professional standards. A clear sign you're dealing with a thoroughly reputable and respected estate agency. Established since 1999, we retain our independence. Choosing to expand organically rather than franchising or tying ourselves to other estate agents not only allows us to retain the highest standards of service and professionalism, but also means we can act independantly to secure and sell the best properties in the Alps.

4. Everything covered

With some 50 years of shared experience, we know a thing or two about selling property in the Alps. But our pearls of wisdom don't stop there. For a start, we know the financial and legal side of things inside out. Our relationships with the Notaires in each region mean we can put you in touch with a safe pair of legal hands. You'll find our handy online cost calculators can help you out with your stamp duty, legal fees, loan repayments and capital gains tax. What's more, we have key contacts in several local banks that can help offer sage mortgage advice. And because we have people living and working in every area that we cover, we've got bags of knowledge about each and every part of the Alps. Why not take a look at our area guides for just a taster?

5. A hand to hold every step of the way

We've always felt that what foreign buyers really want is a partner who will be with them through every step of the property buying process. That's why we established a full service estate agency rather than an intermediary, and why we continue to provide a one-stop shop for all our clients to this day. No handing you over to the local agent or running away here; Alpine Property handles the entire buying and selling journey from start to finish. And of course, we share our deep understanding of both processes to make it easier for you. Whether it's getting to grips with your compromis de vente or learning about buying off-plan, we are always there with help and advice. What's more, our thorough on-line guide is a great starting point for those new to the process.

6. Sleeping soundly at night

We believe in working in a distinct ethical manner across the whole of our business. We're proud to work in the heart of the Alpine community, which is why we're so keen to give something back. We do this by investing 5% of our profits each year into the Alpine Property Foundation, which supports activities benefiting the local community. Like sponsoring some of the region's most talented young sportspeople. Going beyond this financial pledge, we are also committed to handing over a day of company time for each member of the Alpine Property team to work on a project within the local community. As if that wasn't enough, we're also firm believers in niceness. We realise that buying or selling a property can be a time of great stress as well as joy; it's important that you deal with someone whose ethics you can be sure of. So we put honest, reliable and straightforward service at the heart of everything we do. It's just better that way.

7. Meaty Marketing

We've always believed in showcasing our properties in their best light and to the right people, which is why we invest so heavily in the marketing of our properties. Simply visit alpine-property.com and see why it's widely regarded as the best in the business. The first to offer 360 virtual tours, detailed floor plans, full colour photographs and location info as standard; innovation continues to be at the heart of our approach. Our dedicated marketing department works hard to ensure that more interested buyers see your property, and get a full and accurate feel for it when they do. Our comprehensive property database has thousands of people looking for property in the Alps, so we can let them know the moment a suitable property comes up. We ensure our property particulars are produced to the highest standards in-house - comprehensive, clear and accurate. And of course, our advertising and PR campaigns in the UK and international press are carefully chosen to ensure that properties are seen by the right people at the right time.

8. Lightning quick

Speed is of the essence. As a buyer, you want to see the best properties the instant they go on the market. Our unique property database means that you're notified the moment a property matching your criteria becomes available, wherever you happen to be in the world. As a seller, you want your property details available as quickly as possible. With our 'online office', there's no waiting around for the particulars to be printed off and posted. Buyers are able to start viewing your property the instant it hits the market. And whether you're buying or selling, quick and efficient service is a must. That's why our dedicated central team offers a responsive service throughout the year, whether it's by email, telephone or face-to-face.

9. Big, but not too big

Whilst we are very much internationally-minded in our reach, we are firmly local in our delivery. Our client base extends across the world, as befits our focus on international buyers. We enjoy a heavy volume of traffic to our unique website and have a sizeable number of people on our property database who are focused on finding properties in the Alps. This scale gives us the ability to invest in our service offering and the marketing of our properties. But we remain very much focused on the French Alps. We feel our size gives us licence to offer buyers a suitable range of places to live in the Alps without losing the strong local focus which we regard as so important to our approach. We think this 'big, but not too big' balance is the best for both buyers and sellers alike.

10. Just… getting it

Ask our past clients, and they'll tell you the thing that marks Alpine Property out is that we just get it. It could be down to the fact that our agents actually live in the area they cover so they know exactly what makes that locality tick. Or perhaps it's that through years of experience, they know exactly what it is that foreign buyers look for from their Alpine property. That's why you'll find personally-written, honest descriptions for each of them. But at the end of the day, it probably comes down to the fact that our team comprises active members of the Alpine community who care passionately about living there. From former chalet builders to mountain guides to people who have run chalet businesses, our diverse team is simply united by a love for the region. And we will be more than happy to use this unique and valuable experience to help you get the most from your own Alpine dream.