Alpine Property specialises in the sale of property in the Haute Savoie region of the French Alps. This region includes many mountain resorts within easy reach of Geneva airport, including the Portes du Soleil, the Vallèe Verte, the Megeve Valley, the Chamonix Valley, St Gervais and Les Contamines, the Grand Massif, the Aravis and Annecy Lakeside.
Alpine Property has a wide selection of property for sale in the French Alps. Our dedicated team will listen to your individual property requirements and use their expert local knowledge to find the best range of properties for you to look at. They will also arrange visits and show you around the properties, being on hand throughout the process to answer any questions you may have.
Alpine Property is centered around the principle that the complex and often daunting process of buying property abroad is best served by professional, local advice in your own language. We are skilled and qualified in all the necessary elements of buying property in the Alps and throughout the buying process we will be on hand to offer advice, support and legal guidance.
Alpine Property is a French company. We have a team who live and work throughout the Alps and are dedicated and focussed on property in the area. We are not a franchise or tied to other estate agents, but always act alone to secure and sell the best properties in the Alps.
Although Alpine Property doesn't actively promote a leaseback service, our clients frequently arrange to lease properties independently. We can offer advice on how this can be done to those interested in securing a rental income from their property.
Buyers are not charged by Alpine Property for any of its service. The seller of each property pays the commission of 5% of the value of the property which we receive upon completion of the sale.
Alpine Property can put clients in contact with companies who offer maintenance services for properties.
One of the Alpine Property team located in the relevant area will show you around the properties you are interested in. All our team our highly experienced in the property buying process and speak English and French (with many speaking a further language as well) so are able to deal with any questions you have during the viewing process.
We believe that excellent presentation, maximum exposure and speed of delivery are key to providing the best property selling service to our clients. We are dedicated to presenting every single property at its very best, regardless of price. All our properties are displayed with a series of high-resolution digital photographs, accurate and detailed floorplans, location maps, a comprehensive and insightful description and a printable colour output. We continually strive to present our properties in ever more depth. What's more, we invest heavily each year to ensure that our website receives maximum exposure. Through targeted advertising both on-line and in the British press, our website is able to attract hundreds (sometimes thousands) of visitors a day who are looking to buy property in the Alps.
Although newly built properties or fine examples of older properties may sometimes command a premium, it very much depends on the property in question. There are few properties available for sale that are over 150 years old.
Depending on the location, there is normally the opportunity to buy land to build with planning permission, and Alpine Property can recommend architects that can handle the building process. However, there is little constructible land in the center of towns with ski access - it is much more readily available outside the main resorts.
Yes, Alpine Property can put you in contact with companies that offer this service.
It is normally the case that mortgages are arranged in France. The local banks know the properties and the market and are used to dealing with foreign buyers. The interest rates are lower and borrowing in Euros against assets in Euros reduces a lot of the exchange rate risk.
Stamp duty and legal costs on the transaction are paid by the buyer. These generally fall in the region of 2.5-8% of the value of the property. See our 'FINANCES' section for more information.
If your property is your primary residence then no Capital Gains Tax is due. You would need to be registered as a French Tax resident at the property address for this to be the case. If your property is not your primary residence then CGT is due. The rate at which this is charged depends on the country where you are tax resident. You should seek clarification from your Notaire or accountant. Buying and selling expenses and any property improvements, if these can be supported by receipts, may be deducted from this gain. The amount of any gain which is taxable diminishes over time. Again you should consult your Notaire or accountant for the most up to date legislation.

Legal, financial and tax explanations on this website are provided for illustrative purposes only. Whether acting as a buyer or a seller, you should always obtain detailed legal or financial advice from a Notaire or accountant before going ahead with any purchase or sale.