Property Valuation

Our business is to act as agents in the sale of property in the French Alps to our local and international clients. Our website attracts hundreds of visitors a day who are looking to buy property in the Alps.

Should you be considering the sale of your property in Les Gets, we would be happy for one of our Les Gets agents to visit you for a more accurate valuation. They will be able to estimate the value of your home and explain how we at Alpine Property can help find a buyer for you. Please contact us via this form.

Get an instant valuation - We use one of the leading price evaluation algorithms in France. It pulls together data from past sales and updates this with current properties on the market. In our experience it gives a useful result in 4/5 cases. Try it out for yourself here.

We believe that excellent presentation, maximum exposure and speed of delivery are key to providing the best property-selling service to our clients.

Excellent presentation

We are dedicated to presenting every single property at its very best, regardless of price. All our properties are displayed with a series of high-resolution digital photographs, accurate and detailed floor plans, location maps, a comprehensive and insightful description and a printable colour output. We continually strive to present our properties in ever more depth - for example, we are the first alpine based estate agent to present properties in HD across all the electronic platforms.

Maximum Exposure

Each year, we invest heavily to ensure that our website receives maximum exposure. Through targeted advertising both on-line and in British property magazines, our website is able to attract hundreds of visitors a day who are looking to buy property in the Alps.

Quick turnaround

Our in-house team means we are able to get properties on-line in the quickest possible time. With no brochures or window posters to print, we are able to start marketing properties on-line quicker than conventional Estate Agents.

Registered buyers

When selling property, it is vital to tell as many people as possible about the property, as quickly as possible. Visitors to register their interest with us stating their preference in terms of location, type of property and budget. This enables us to contact them as soon as a suitable property is offered for sale through us. We currently have several hundred clients on file who are looking for property in the Alps.

Longer opening hours

The fact that our on-line office is open 24 hours a day means that prospective buyers are able to view properties at their own convenience and from their own country before coming to France to visit the property.